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Chat Builder

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Create custom chat interfaces for your OpenAI Assistants!

No code solution—Answer a few questions in Chat Builder and generate a ready-to-use Python script for a customized chat interface to use with all your OpenAI Assistants. Easily share with students and colleagues without writing a single line of code

Built on Free Resources—interface made with Streamlit, an open-source Python library for building data apps and hosted on GitHub, a free online code repository. Only pay for your OpenAI API usage using your own API key

Multi-purpose Interface—OpenAI Assistants can serve many purposes, in and out of the classroom. You can find an example here or try out the Deployment Helper chat assistant, which can provide a helpful guide and answer any questions through the deployment process using the same interface you'll be implementing

Chat Builder
Model Comparison Lab

Now Live!

  • Compare and evaluate side-by-side responses from GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models
  • Export session chat history
  • Model Comparison Lab

    Completions Lab

    Coming Soon!

  • Expand the capabilities of the OpenAI Playground!
  • Experiment with prompts and evaluate responses
  • Save prompt templates
  • Export code
  • Upload online content with URL Scraper
  • Save chat history for up to 30 days
  • Export history for your own analysis
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    Assistants API Lab

    Coming Soon!

  • Chat from simple interface or from playground environment
  • Easily manage assistant settings and files
  • Experiment with assistant instructions
  • Estimate token usage
  • View/export thread history
  • Scrape and upload full documentation sites with GPT-Crawler
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