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Because of my well known enthusiasm for AI tools, I was asked to share my knowledge with incoming PhD students as part of our department's new student orientation activities. That resulted in the creation of a guide on using AI tools for PhD students, which I share here. Given the rapidly evolving AI landscape, I wrote the guide (and contemporaneous presentation) in terms of first principles, rather than making specific tool recommendations (although I did that too). While the tools I mentioned in the guide (written in August 2023) are probably out of date already, with its conversational tone, I expect that it continues to be useful for those who are interested in learning about generative AI tools, specifically large language models.

This exercise led me to conclude that the best way to keep any AI guide updated is to do so in real time. Therefore, I plan on adding a Chat-Lab.AI blog to that end soon. If you'd like to be notified when the blog goes live, please subscribe for updates below.

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